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1 CITY OF ANGELS CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Council Members Present: Jack Boeding (Mayor), Jack Lynch (Vice Mayor), Elaine Morris and Stuart (3 months ago)

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3 Vice Mayor Lynch pointed out that the water spillage is title 22 water, ?treated? water that is significantly purer. It is not sewage. The City Attorney stated for the record that this complaint is an allegation and not fact.

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It is my hope you and I can remain friends and continue to work on projects for the good of the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce. Inclosing, I would like to leave you with this quote. ?Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success?. HENRY FORD Candidate for City Council" (5 days ago)

George Fry in California

There are 15 phone book listings for people that are named George Fry in California. These people are located in 13 cities. The cities are Angels Camp CA, Arcadia CA, Atherton CA, Avery CA, Bakersfield CA, Big Pine CA, Dana Point CA, Escondido CA, Los Angeles CA, Mammoth Lakes CA, San Carlos CA, San Jose CA, and Visalia CA.

Jack Lynch recall, Angels Camp, California (2011

The recall effort was launched by George Fry. According to Fry, "Councilmember Jack Lynch has demonstrated a gross lack of leadership in his conduct of his city governance including failure to pass a city budget, allowing city government to operate without a budget for six months during 2010-2011

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